Who We Are

The NSF Team

For questions about the solicitation or applying for an award, contact David Corman, Michal Ziv-El, Sandip Roy, or Linda Bushnell.

David Corman, PhD
Program Director
Michal Ziv-El, PhD
Associate Program Director
Linda Bushnell, PhD
Program Director
Sandip Roy, PhD
Program Director
Vishal Sharma

The DOE Team

Mark Smith
Program Manager, Technology Integration
David Howell
Acting Director, Vehicle Technologies Office, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Andrea Crooms
Technology Manager, Technology Integration

The DHS Team

André Hentz
Deputy Under Secretary (Acting) for Science and Technology
David Alexander
Senior Science Advisor – Resilience
Paul Huang
Assistant Administrator for Federal Insurance
Elizabeth Asche
Director of Research and Development in the Federal Insurance Directorate

The MetroLabTeam

To express interest in promoting or partnering with the Civic Innovation Challenge, contact the MetroLab Team at  Innovate@MetroLabNetwork.org.

Ben Levine
Executive Director
Katy Getsie
Director of Strategy and Ops
Kim Lucas, PhD
Senior Director of Civic Research and Innovation
Josh Schacht
Program Manager